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[Benjestorf Family History, by Heinrich Schneehage].

Dietrich married Sophie Benjestorf in 1832. He was a small farmer. His family had the nickname "Dahlen Dierks" [Jackdaw Dierks]. 
DAHLE, Dietrich Heinrich Friedrich Christian (I664)
[Benjestorf Family History, by Heinrich Schneehage].

Fritz married Sophie Benjestorf, and, according to the Schneehage letter, they had 3 children. 
Hansing, Fritz (I671)
[Benjestorf Family History, by Heinrich Schneehage].

Sophie married Dietrich Dahle in 1832. 
BENJESTORF, Sophie Dorothee Margarete (I663)
[Denise Ann benjestorf's Family Group Record]. 
YOUNG, Mike (I720)
[Deposition of Marsillo Dean, 16 Nov, 1921]. [US & New York Censuses]. [Deposition by Della L. Franklin].

Marcello was Sarah (Little) Drock's grandson. He apparently lived with his grandmother in Caneadea, NY, much of his childhood and adolesence. According to Della Franklin he was Reuben B. Franklin's cousin.
In 1860, at the age of 19, Marcello was still living with his grandmother and was shown on the census as a laborer.
In the spring of 1862, perhaps April, Marcello enlisted in Company "F", 130th NY Volunteer Infantry. During Grover Cleveland's presidency Marcello applied for a pension, but it was denied. He was very bitter about that.
After the Civil War Marcello came back to Caneadea and continued to live with his grandmother for a time.
Sometime after his return he and Henrietta (McGee) Franklin started living together (or were married?) and subsequently moved to Avon,Livingston County, NY, later moving to the Town of South Avon where Henrietta died in a carriage accident around 1870.
After Henrietta's death he married Jane Clark.
Sometime after 1865 he changed his surname to Dean, claiming he had discovered that the Drock's were not his real parents.
At the time of the 1880 census, Marcello lived next door to his in-laws while his second wife and their two children lived with her parents. 
DROCK, Marcello Austin (I834)
[depositions of Della Franklin, Eva Fitzgerald, Mary Clemmens, Marcello "Dean", et al]. [1860 Federal Census & 1865 New York Census].

Henrietta and Reuben married in Oramel, Allegany, New York while Reuben's half sister, Mary Clemmens, was out of town on a visit, sometime in late 1860 or 1861. They stayed with Mary Clemmens "...more or less ..." after they were married, and Henrietta stayed on with Mary after Reuben enlisted in the army in October, 1861. She was very pregnant at the time of Reuben's enlistment.
Henrietta had a son, Charles Avery Franklin, who lived with his father until he was about 18.
Henrietta apparently ran off with another man, Marsillo Dean [actually Marcello Austin Drock, Reuben's cousin], while Reuben was at the war. She probably left Charles in the care of Reuben's aunt, Mary Clemmens, when she left.
It was asserted that Henrietta " ... ran with other men ..." while Reuben was in the army, and that when he came home on leave around Christmas, 1863 he "... did not find her at home ...".
It was also asserted that Henrietta was cruel to her baby, and once threw him out into the snow where he was found by Susan Thompson. He is said to have had two toes amputated because of this incident.
However, in the 1865 census Henrietta is shown still living with Charles and Susan Thompson along with Mary Clemmens, Jacob & Esther Aust, and other members of the Franklin/Churchill/Drock family. This after Della and Reuben claimed to have married in Washington, D.C.
Some time after she and Marcello started living togther they visited Reuben & Della on their farm near Scio and requested Reuben sign a "Bill of Separation".
Henrietta died in South Avon, New York, in a carriage accident when "... the horses ran away with her .." one day around 1871. 
McGEE, Henrietta (I180)
[E-mail from Jeanette Benjestorf Jillson; US Census]. [Rootsweb birth list]

BALZER,Else Minnie,13 May 1905,BALZER, Charlie,BENJESTORF, Matilda
Tillie and Carl's daughter married a man named McGlasson and lived in the Los Angeles area.

An Elsie M. McGlasson was born in Washington on 13 May, 1905 and died in Los Angeles on 2 November, 1976. [California Death Index]. This may have been Elsie Balzer. Elsie died of Cancer. 
BALZER, Else Minnie (I739)
[E-mail from Jeanette Benjestorf Jillson].

Joe Derosia married Olga "Violet" Lustig. They had a son, Raymond. 
Derosia, Joseph A. (I737)
[email message from Ralph Barnes]

Ralph Barnes, a great-great-great nephew of Simeon Barnes, believes Simeon Barnes was John B. England's father. He has found a Chideock Baptism for John Barnes England, son of Elizabeth England and "John" on 29 September 1861. 
ENGLAND, John B(arnes?) (I1868)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf & e-mail from Jeanette Jilson] and letter/article by Olga "Violette" Lustig]. [from Douglas Lustig] [Obituary in Perham Tribune]

William Lustig was born in what is now Germany on 2 August, 1869.
William married Mina Benjestorf in 1898, and the couple moved to Stanley Municipality, near Fenwood, Saskatchewan, Canada, in April, 1903, when Minnie's parents moved there to homestead. They duvorced in 1909 after the birth of three children. In 1912 William married Gertrude Williamsen.
Sometime around 1919, William returned to Perham, Minnesota, and he and his second wife, Gerttrude, apparently lived there until his death in 1947.
William Lustig's half brother was E. Carl Balzer. 
LUSTIG, Wilhelm "William" [Albert?] (I548)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf].

Eliza lived in Manningtree, Essex, England. 
Robinson, Eliza (I687)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf].

Jean was born on 30 March, 1930, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
She married Gene Benjestorf on 17 August, 1947 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jean died of cancer on 15 April, 2003. She had been in and out of the hospital several times, and elected to come home to die. 
SURBER, Jean Elizabeth (I694)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf].

Bruce married Shirley on 18 June, 1955. They had four children.
Bruce died 6 August, 1985 just before his 50 th birthday. 
YOUNG, Bruce Arthur (I691)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf].

Denise was Gene & Jean's first child that lived. She was born on 17 April, 1950 in san Pedro, California.
Denise became a Mormon, and her family history project provided most of the information about Uncle Albert's descendants.
In july, 2002 she lived at:
8563 Salina Street
Rancho Cucamunga, CA 91729

BENJESTORF, Denise Ann (I697)
115 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I700)
116 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I699)
117 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I701)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf]. [From Helma Benjestorf's bible] [from Douglas Lustig]

Minnie was Heinrich & Mathilde's 3rd child. She was born while they were still in St. Louis, Missouri on 12 November,1879.
Minnie married William Lustig in 1898, while she was living in Perham, Minnesota.
Minnie was almost 24 when the family moved to Saskatchewan and was already married to William Lustig [ Jeanette remembers him as Albert]. The Lustigs moved to Saskatchewan with the Benjestorf'>
s. The Lustig's had one son, Albert, who was born in Perham in 1900, and a daughter, Olga Violette, born in Perham in January, 1903, about three months before the move to Canada.
Minnie and William Lustig had a second daughter, Myrtle, who was born in Melville, Saskatchewan, in 1907.
Minnie and William Lustig divorced in 1909.
Minnie married her second husband, Sam Amundson in 1923, and they were living in Minneapolis, Minnesota at that time.
Sam Amundson died in 1935, and Minnie moved in with her daughter, Olga Violette, in Minneapolis, and stayed there the rest of her life.
In her will, Mathilde mentions a "Marthel Amunson". Mom (Lucille Benjestorf remembers her name as Myrtle). Myrtle may have been William Lustig's daughter [see Aunt Helma's letter to Denise]. >
She apparently was physically handicapped.
Minnie died on 11 november, 1966. 
BENJESTORF, Mina "Minnie" (I30)
[Family Group Record of Denise Benjestorf].[notes from LaVere Benjestorf] [telegraph courtesy Denise (?) Benjestorf].

Henry was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 3 October,1877. He was Heinrich & Mathilde’s 2nd child & 1st son. Around 1885 he traveled with his parents from St. Louis to Otter Tail County, Minnesota
where his father homesteaded & where most of his siblings were born.
Henry is supposed to have eloped with Luisa Wendt by putting a ladder to her window and "kidnapping" her. She may have lived at Richdale, Minnesota [about midway between Perham and New York Mills on the RR] at the time.
Henry and Luisa apparently lived in Idaho for a while where one or more of their children were born. Other of their children were born in Redlands and/or Colton, California.
Henry and Luisa spent several years in Colton, California where Henry was a contractor. They finally settled in Long Beach, California. He and his wife had five children.
Henry died on 21 June, 1917 (according to Lucille Benjestorf he died of a heart attack while fishing with a friend). A telegraph from his brother Alex to his brother Albert stated that " Henry passed away at ten thirty this morning while fishing in a boat he had no pain and died with a smile on his face ...". He was only 39 years old. Henry is buried at Sunnyside Cemetery, 1095 E. Willow, Long Beach, CA. Person responsible for interment... Luisa Benjestorf .
(Information obtained by Kathy Minniti from Sunnyside Cemetery, including a rubbing of the grave marker which showed he was born in St. Louis, Missouri.).
[Family Group Record of Denise Ann Benjestorf].

Louisa was born in Manningtree, Essex, England, on 2 September, 1896. She met Albert Thomas Benjestorf who was in The Canadian Army while he was in Great Britain during WWI. They were marri>
ed in Manningtree on 26 November, 1918.
Not quite a year after their marriage Albert was returned to Canada in August, 1919, several of months after the war ended . They crossed the Atlantic on the vessel "Tunisian" while Lou was v>
ery pregnant with their first child. Stanley Clemence was born in Fenwood, Saskatchewan on 22 October, 1919 almost immediately after their arrival there.
A year and a half later their daughter, Winona Coralie, was born in Melville on 12 February,1921.
Sometime between 1921 and September, 1924, Albert & Lou joined the Benjestorf exodus and moved to southern California,settling in the San Pedro area.
Their third child, Eugene Wilbert, was born in San Pedro on 24 September, 1924. Thirteen years later, at the age of 41, Louisa had her last child, Shirley Kathleen in San Pedro on 17 August>
, 1937.
Roger and Elnora Osborn, Daisy England Benjestorf's children by her second husband, remember Lou as a"...very nice lady with a British accent...". Elnora also recalls that Lou had some so>
rt of seizures [perhaps epilepsy ?].
Louisa died of Cardiac arrest at 8:30 AM in the Bellflower Convalescent Hospital, Bellflower, California on 12 December, 1977 and was buried in the Green Hills Cemetery at San Pedro on 14 Dece>
Sissen, Louisa Eliza (I305)
[From "Drock; the Lost Family", by Daryl Holmes]. [Ny State census, 1865]. [Deposition of Della (Bowen) Franklin].[Virginia McCauley] [Death Certificate]

Esther was one of Susan Drock's daughters by her 1st husband, Jeremiah Churchill [Virginia McCauley says his name was Chirkin]. She was born on 9 March, 1831 according to her death certificate.
She married a German immigrant, Jacob Aust. Jacob was Esther's 2nd husband. She apparently had no children by her first husband. Della states that Charles Avery Franklin went to Scio to live with>
her when he was "..about 17 or 18...", most likely before Reuben and Della moved from St. Paul to Ainsworth, Nebraska.
The 1870 census of Scio Township shows two Ost children, Wilmont, 7 and Mary, 2. This is the only census that shows Mary.
The 1900 Scio census shows Esther living with an adopted son, George Ost, who was 22 and had been born in February, 1878.
Esther died probably at her home on Wolf Spring Road, Scio,Allegany County, New York on 28 July, 1913. She was buried in Allentown Cemetery,Alma, Allegany, NY on 30 July, 1913. 
Churkins, Esther (I275)
[From "Drock; the Lost Family", by Daryl Holmes].[e-mail from Mildred Purdy Feagle~June 2004]

Obadiah married Sally Drock ca 1833.
He was usually classified as Mullato in the censuses. 
DYER, Obadiah W. (I817)
[From 1875 & 1880 Census].

Ella was the second wife of William Drock. She married him sometime after 1870.  
2nd wife of William Drock, Ella M (I829)
[From 1875 & 1880 Census]. [Drock: The Lost Family, by Daryl Holmes]. [research by Mildred Purdy Feagle]

William was born in Walton, Delaware County, NY around 1827.
In 1865 he was in Hamden, Delaware, New York, with his father, his wife, Lucinda, and two children, Jerome & William.
He appears in Allegany County in 1875 in Wellsville with his wife,Elsen (?) M., and 2 daughters, Sarah J., age 3 years, and Betsey A., age1 year 3 months. His birth year is 1830.
He is shown as Black, and his wife and daughters as Mulatto. His birth place is shown as Massachusetts, and the rest of his family is from Allegany County.
In 1880 his birth year is shown as 1827 in New York. He still lives in Wellsville with his wife, Ella M. (same age as Elsen A) and children. In addition to Sarah & Betsey he now has a son, Cyrus B., age 4, and another daughter May, age 1 1/2, born in July.
In addition, his sister, Susan Drock Thompson, now 73, is living with them.
The whole family is shown as Mulatto.

William Drock is also shown as having cancer onthe 1880 Census.

Carol Deminghas information (?) that he died in 1880. 
DROCK, William (I828)
[from 1880 Census].

Mary was born in July, 1879, almost certainly in Wellsville NY. 
DROCK, Mary May (I833)
[From Angie & Howard Benjestorf].

Ruth & Michael live in campbell River, B.C. 
Depew, Ruth (I67)
[From Beverly Benjestorf (Huppert); letter from Angie & Howard Benjestorf 20 June 2002]

Howard was born on 11 August 1919 in the log farmhouse near Fenwood, Saskatchewan that served as his father's home after Henry & Matilda moved their family to Canada.
In June, 2002 Howard was living in Campbell River B.C., Canada.
Found on the Web;
H.F. Benjestorf
403-9 Adams Road
Campbell River, B.C. V9W 1R9
Tel: 250-923-9262
We visited Howard and Angie at their home in Campbell River, B.C. in 2003. Howard had problems with Macular Degeneration and was nearly blind at that time. He also had problems with his heari>
ng. Howards eyesight continued to deteriorate and by 2005 he was so close to blind he had to use a white cane.
On 27 April, 2006, I received notification from Beverly Huppert that Howard had passed away in a hospital at Campbell River on 20 April, 2006 at 21:12 Hrs. The entire family including Berna Dean>
, was at his side when he died. He died from lung cancer which had been diagnosed at least two years previously but his doctor had failed to tell him or Angie about it because his advanced age and h>
eart condition prevented any treatment for the cancer. Howard was 86 years old. 
BENJESTORF, Howard Frederick Henry (I63)
[from Black Roots in SE CT] [Probate Court REcords, Norwich, CT]

Guy was apparently born a slave. As a [slave] "boy of Capt. Benajah Bushnell" he was baptized in Norwich 1st Congregational Church on 31 July, 1742.
In 1755, Bushnell "...had a negro man, Guy ...".
On 8 June, 1759, Benajah Bushnell sold his "... Negro man named Guy..." to "... her who was called Sarah Powers of Newport on Rhode Island, now called Sarah Drock of Norwich in Connecticut ...". for "... two years of her service wih some money". The ammount of money was not specified.
The deed was not recorded with the Clerk Recorder until 22 January,1772, the year before Guy and his wife Sarah bought property in Norwich from Benajah Bushwell's daughter & son-in-law. 
129 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I718)
[From Drock;The Lost Family, by Daryl Holmes]. [Deposition of Della L. Franklin].

Jeremiah was Susan Drock's 1st husband. He had at least 2 daughters by Susan, and perhaps as many as 4. 
Churkins, Jeremiah (I794)
[From Drock;The Lost Family, by Daryl Holmes]. [US & New York Censuses].

Sarah was born in New Hampshire ca. 1798. She married Simon Drock, Jr., her first cousin. Shortly after their marriage they moved with her parents & Simon's sister and husband to Ohio.
Sarah (Little) Drock had a grandson (Martial/Marcello Austin Drock) who lived with her and her daughter Susan most of his childhood and adolecense. Census information shows she had 5 children, an>
d her daughter, Susan, claimed to have never been married and never to have had any children. If we can take these claims at face value, it follows that Marcello was the son of one of Sarah's other c>
hildren, most likely a son. 
LITTLE, Sarah (I806)
[From Drock;The Lost Family, by Daryl Holmes]. [US Census/NY Census].

Susan was born in Ohio around mid 1819. Her family returned to western New York when she was still a child and eventually settled in Caneadea, Allegany County, NY around 1831.
In 1855 Susan was living with her mother, Sarah, in Caneadea and had been living there since she was 12. Sarah's grandson "Martial" (Marcello) was also living with them as was Susan's cousin, Reuben Drock (shown as a servant).
I originally thought that "Martial" was Susan's son, but she never indicates that she has had any children on this or subsequent censuses. Sarah had 5 children, so Martial may have been the child of one of her sons.
Susan apparently never married (and does not show an occupation until 1870 when she was 50 years old ~ presumably her mother died between 1868~70) and claims on the census forms that she had no children. In other words, she was the proto-typical "Old Maid Aunt".
In 1870, Susan is shown as "Susan Derock", a domestic servant living with the Ambrose Johnson Family in Caneadea. The Johnson's are all Mulattos, and may be related to Susan.
In 1875 Susan is again a "Drock", still living with the Ambrose Johnson Family, but they have moved to Hume, Allegany County, New York. Susan is shown as a "boarder", and she lists no occupation.
Susan is shown this year as Black while the Johnson Family remains mulatto.
In 1880 Susan is still living with the Johnson Family, but they have moved back to Caneadea. Susan is now mulatto, and shows neither occupation nor relationship to Ambrose Johnson.  
DROCK, Susan A. (I807)
[From Drock;The Lost Family, by Daryl Holmes]. [US Census/NY Census]. 
wife of Cyrus.B. Drock, Emma (I826)
[From interviews with Lucille Benjestorf]

Lucille was born at her Aunt Mary (Wilhelmina "Maria" Haas) and Uncle Oscar Benjestorf's home near Melville, Saskatchawan, Canada [according to Howard Benjestorf, his parents lived on a farm in Fe>
nwood Township, about 30 miles northwest of Melville]. She lived on a wheat ranch near Melville until after starting school.
Lucille recalls riding to school in her teacher's sleigh during the winter, wrapped up in a "bear skin robe" to keep her warm. She never liked the school teacher because she thought he made her ke>
ep her head covered up so that he could flirt with her cousin, Hazel Bamping, who also was riding to school. This seems unlikely, however, since Hazel would only have been about 10 or 11 years old.
Around 1923 or 24 her parents moved to Colton, California, USA where they divorced about 9 or 10 years later.
Lucille dropped out of school in her freshman year to help take care of her sisters while her mother worked.
While visiting her father and his 2nd wife, Mary, one day she met Donald Francis Roddy, an army "buddy" of Mary's son, Henry Stiles. Mary had been trying to get "Ceille" and Henry togrther, but L>
ucille fell for Don Roddy instead. After knowing him only a short time she agreed to marry him, and on 1 April 1933 they drove his "beautiful blue" Model T Ford to Yuma, Arizona & got married. Luci>
lle's mother, Daisy Ellen England (Benjestorf) went with them to be a witness (and to make sure they got married?). They also took Lucille's youngest sister, Evelyn with them since they couldn't afor>
d to hire a baby sitter. Since the car was a roadster, I imagine that Grandma & Evelyn rode in the rumble seat.
It was the heart of the depression, and there was no work to be had . (Don had apparently gone AWOL to court and marry Ceille. He NEVER did report back for duty!). They somehow managed to stay >
alive,probably living with Lucille's mother in Colton.
Their first child was born sometime in 1934. She was born with a cleft pallette and died 26 hours after her birth. Since Don was unemployed, and had no money, they couldn't afford a funeral for >
little Lucille Fay Roddy, and she was burried in a "potter's field" by the hospital staff.
Don started traveling up and down the west coast looking for work, and the lifestyle became adictive. He spent the rest of his life moving from job to job and place to place seldom staying even >
one year in the same location.
When Don died in 1983, he had mannaged to pay off an old mobile home which they were living in in Atascadero, California. That and a small storage shed with a few tools & paint brushes was all he >
left Lucille besides a small Scial Security allowance.
A few years after Don died, I and a neighbor freind persuaded Lucille to move into a "low income appartment" in downtown Atascadero. She sold the trailer house for, I think, less than $2000.
While at the apartments, which catered to elderly, low income individuals & couples, Lucille met and married Roy Smith on 17 April, 1997.
They later moved to a less expensive low income apartment in San Luis Obispo where they lived until Roy's health required that he move into a nursing home. Lucy, as she now prefers to be called, w>
as sufficiently healthy not to be eligible for State financed nursing home care, but not healthy enough to live alone, and in addition, was unable to afford the rent on the appartment without the help>
from Roy's Social Security.
At one point, Greg & Linda were going to move off their sailboat and rent a house so Lucy could live with them. That, however, didn't work out. In the meantime, up in Oregon, Lucy's grandson, Mar>
k Williams, had a rental mobile home adjacent to his house, and it was available. It was decided that Lucy would move up to Saginaw Oregon. This would be especially good, because not only would Mar>
k & his family be nearby, but his mother, Lucy's daughter Carol and her husband lived only a couple of hundred yards away.
Lucy lived in the mobile home at Saginaw for a year or so, then suffered a "mini stroke" and found it necessary to move into a nursing home in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Lucy suffered at least one other mini-strokes while at the nursing home where she continued to live for the next six or seven years. In the summer of 2008 Luci's physical condition and mental awareness started to deteriorate, and she passed away at the Coast Fork Nursing Home in Cottage GRove at 20;35 on the night of 17 October, 2008,from "cerebrovascular disease". Her daughter, Carol, and her family were visiting at the time of her death. 
BENJESTORF, Lucille Daisy (I40)
135 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I576)
[From Jeanette Benjestorf Jillson].

Paul attended High Scool with Jeanette. After Jeanette's mother died and Jeanette went to work for a local church Paul came back to look up old High School classmates. At the time, his wife was s>
uffering from cancer. After she died Paul started seeing Jeanette on a regular basis.
They were married 26 September, 1993. 
JILLSON, Paul (I166)
[From Jeanette Benjestorf; notes from LaVere Benjestorf].

Tillie married Harry Webster. They apparently had a retirement home in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in the middle 1960's. Their home in the USA was in Long Beach, California.
According to notes from LaVere Benjestorf, Tillie married Charles Lovy (?). 
BENJESTORF, Matilda "Tillie" (I569)
138 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I581)
139 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I567)
140 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I580)
[From Johanna Myatt ~October 2002] 
ALSEITS, Anita Violet (I843)
[From Johanna Myatt ~October 2002].

Clyde was born in Denver, Colorado in 1889.
He married and had 4 daugters.
Clyde died in Los Angeles, California, on 21 July, 1963. 
Myatt, Clyde Elmer (I437)
[From Johanna Myatt ~October 2002].
[US Census]

According to an e-mail from Johanna Myatt, Wilburt was born in 1866 in Indiana. However, this does not compute! I am guessing that was a typo and he may have been born in 1886.
Wilburt married Etta May Bowman on 9 March, 1909, in Denver, Denver, Colorado, and they had 4 children;
Joseph, Oneida (Skeet), George and Stewart. Stewart was Johanna Myatt's husband's father).
Wilburt died in California in El Segundo, California on 10 April, 1935. 
Myatt, Wilburt (I436)
[From LDS IGI & St. Nicholas Catholic Church, St Louis, Missouri] [ [Benjestorf Family History, by Heinrich Schneehage; Schneehage letter]. [Meeting with Alan Boefer at St. Louis in November,>
2003. Böfer family tree diagram.] [Information from Landesarchiv Hannover as copied by Gretel Schneehage] [Photo of "Father Böfer" from Heinrich Schneehage papers]


This is the Wilhelm Böfer who was a witness at the marriage of Henry Benjestorf & Mathilde Gellenbeck in St. Louis in 1874.
He WAS Christian Böfer's brother.
He was the son of Heinrich Böfer & Catharine Dorothee Benjestorf.
He emigrated to the USA on 4 February, 1868.
Wilhelm married Emilie HOYER [HEUER] on 23 January 1873 in St. Louis, Misssouri, according to the LDS IGI. However, in the IGI file for Wilhelm's son, William, his mother is shown as Emilie DENNE>
R or DENNY. Perhaps Emilie had been previously married to a Mr. Heuer and her maiden name was Denner? Or perhaps, a researcher confused Wilhelm's daughter, Emily, who married a Mr. Denny, with her >
Wilhelm had a blacksmith shop at his home address, 18th & Singleton, St. Louis, Missouri.
Wilhelm is buried in an unmarked grave in Bates Avenue Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.
There is a discrepency between the birth date shown in the Hannover Archives (4 February, 1842) and the birth year shown in the Böfer family information provided by Alan Boefer (1847). The remarks >
on the photograph of "Father Böfer" suggest he was born in 1842. The photograph was dated 4 April, 1917, so he must have died after that date. William was alive at the time of the 1920 Census, bu>
t I can't find him in the 1930 Census. He may have died in the 1920's. 
BÖFER, Christian Friedrich Ludwig WILHELM (I528)
[From Melville Book] [Questionaire completed by Henry Benjestorf 2002?]

Bertha married Richard Renneberg.
Both she and her husband were deceased as of the publication of the "Melville Book" in or after 1982.
Bertha died on 10 January, 1942, in Kelvington, Saskatchewan. 
BENJESTORF, Bertha (I611)
[From personell record of Harry F. Roddy & information submitted to the LDS Ancestral Files by an unidentified person].

Catherine "Kate" Burns was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 19 July 1855.
Kate & Charles Francis Roddy were married "about 1878" according to information in the LDS Ancestral file. Probably early 1878 or late 1877.
Catherine Burns was widowed or abandoned by Charles F. Roddy when her son Harry was very young. She is shown as living alone with her son in St. Joseph, Indiana, during the 1880 Census (using the
She married Joseph Peter Myatt on 5 Dec 1881 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan when Harry was not quite 3 years old. After their marriage they lived in South Bend, Indiana. Their first child, >
Jessie was born there between 1881 & 1884. Wilburt was also born in Indianna. From South Bend they moved to somewhere in Illinois, around 1884, where their daughter, Franchan was born. By 1889 the>
y had moved to Denver, CO where the remainder of her children were born and where she spent the rest of her life. Kate & Joseph had six children, one of whom died in infancy.
According to Alice Roddy (Jones) there were 5 children (Johanna Myatt supplied further information in October, 2002);
a son, Jessie Myatt
a daughter, Franchan Myatt
a son, Wilburt Myatt
a son, Clyde Elmer Myatt
a son, Melburn Myatt
In The 1900 Census, Catherine is shown as a head of household living in Denver with ALL her surviving children, INCLUDING Harry Roddy. However, in the same census Joseph Peter Myatt is shown as >
living in Indiana!
Kate inherited part of her father's estate when he died in 1904.
She married again in Denver on 22 December 1906 to James Napper, who was born in Canada. Catherine & James never had any children. However they apparently adopted one.
Kate died in Denver, Colorado on 19 November, 1915 at only 59 years of age. She was burried on 22 November at the Fairmont Cemetery in Denver.

Message from Kim Roddy on 23 May, 2008:

"Here’s what I got from Berrien Co., Michigan for Kate and Joe Myatt.

There are a number of interesting bits of information here:

1. Kate is married using her middle name “Mary.”

2. Kate is married using her maiden name “Burns” not “Roddy.”

3. “Mary” indicates she was married once before (as was Joe Myatt), which supports the story of her actually marrying Charles Roddy, but doesn’t explain why she is using her maiden name above.

3. “Mary” was 25 years old, which matches exactly with Catherine’s birth date (and can not be confused with her sister Maria “Mary” Burns who was 23 at the time).

4. “Mary” indicates she was residing in Mishawaka, Indiana, which is on the other side of South Bend from La Porte. She was married in Niles township, Michigan, just across the boarder from South Bend>
BURNS, Catherine "Kate" Mary (I54)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I547)
[from Sundance Benjestorf e-mail; Social Security Death List] [WA Death Index] [Interview with Sundance Benjestorf] [CA Birth Index].

Sundance Benjestorf confirmed his grandmother's name was Thelma.

WILSON (Shanklin?), Thelma Louise (I539)
149 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I473)
[From the Saskatoon cemetery website; also from a letter from Howard & Angie Benjestorf]. [ additional information from a book about the history of Melville, Saskatchewan, courtesy Erving Benjestor>
f] [Detailed information from Tailor Young]

Marie's parents were farmers near Landestreu, Galicia, Austria until the summer of 1886 when they moved to Russia to farm for about 7 years. Marie was born on 1 May, 1889 while her parents were l>
iving in Perekop, Odessa, Russia.
Marie married Phillip Kolb, apparently after her parents had returned to Galicia, probably ca. 1906. Their daughter, Wilhelmine Kolb, was born in Bolichow, Galicia in 1907.
In late January, 1911, Marie, her husband and daughter and her parents sailed from Hamburg on the SS Pennsylvania which arrived in New York on 4 February, 1911.

From New York the group made it's way to Melville, Saskatchewan, where they joined Marie's brother,George Haas. George was a carpenter. Marie and her parents lived with the parents of George's >
freind, Gus Anweiler until George could build them a small, two room cabin on 4th Avenue West in Melville.
Marie and her husband, Phillip Kolb, divorced sometime around 1913.
"Maria", as she was called, married Oscar Benjestorf on 15 May, 1915 in Melville, Saskatchewan. At the time, Oscar was working as an engineer for the Canadian National Railway out of Melville. La>
ter, they may have moved to the Alexander Benjestorf farm (District 215, twsp24, Rge8, W 2nd, Sec 24, NE Qurtr).
After Oscar retired (circa 1958 ?) he & "Maria" bought a farm near the small town of Love, Saskatchewan [located about 80 miles east-northeast of Prince Albert]. They lived on the farm until Oscar>
became so ill with cancer that they had to move to Saskatoon to be near appropriate medical facilities.
Shortly after Oscar died, "Maria" moved to Campbell River, British Columbia, to live near her son, Howard , and his wife Angie.
"Maria" died in Campbell River, B.C. on 19 December, 1980. She is buried in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Cemetery alongside her husband.

Marie is buried at the Saskatoon, Saskatchawan cemetery #38683. 
Haas, Marie Wilhelmina "Maria" (I64)

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