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[Comments by Pat Gray]

Ian Gray married Pat Nash on 3 April, 1954.
Ian was a career military man in the RAF. He was initially involved in air/sea rescue, but later became involved in classified projects involving electronics in the Persian Gulf and other areas.
Much of his career was spent based abroad at places like Gibralter, Malta, Oman & Dubai. The duty tours in the Persian Gulf were unaccompanied tours and his wife and family lived in England for th>
e last several years of his career.
Ian developed rheumatoid arthritis before he reached retirement age and was discharged for medical disability. He is severely handicapped by his disease. 
GRAY, Ian (I1918)
4652 {1870 & 1880 US Census] FRANKLIN, Thomas (I2544)
4653 {Chideock OPC]

George Sansum married Hannah Hardyman in Chideock on 26 December, 1763. His relationship to Ann Sansom is undetermined. 
SANSUM, George (I2603)
4654 {Sussex IGI] Anne, wife of John Pronger (I) (I2060)

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