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51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3513)

[Villerslev, Hassing, Thisted, Denmark Kirkebøger, 1757~1814, Opslag 38]

She was unmarried at the time of the birth of her daughter, Ane Marie Nielsdatter. 
Larsdatter*, Anne Kierstine (I5122)
53 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4465)
John Fowler was the father of Lewis Fowler. Lewis was probably the father of Martha Wood's illegitimate daughter, Beatrice Fowler Wood. 
FOWLER, John (I3971)
(Information from Winston Benjestorf and the obituary of Hellen Benjestorf Mulder.) [Letter from Margaret Benjestorf Console received 13 August, 2002; social Security Death Index; Jeaneatte].[C>
A Birth Index]

Clarence was Alex & Goldie's 4th son.
Reported to live in California as of February 2000.
Clarence married Edna Mae Massey in 1942 (or more likely 15 May, 1956). They divorced in June, 1966.
Clarence passed away on 24 November, 2001. His residence at the timeof his death was 90706 Bellflower, Los Angeles, California.
Clarence's wife's name at the time of their marriage may have been Edna Mae Haase.
A marriage between Clarence D. Benjestorf and Edna Mae Haase is shown to have occured on 5 May, 1956 in Clark County, Nevada.
Clarence's divorce in June, 1966,shows his wife's name as Edna Mae Massey. It also shows they were married in 1942. ??? Doug Benjestorf stated that his grandmother's name was Edna Mae Massey. 
BENJESTORF, Clarence Douglas (I452)
*(From LDS Family History list. Submitted by Ellen Hennessy, q.v.) [additional information from Vollbrecht letter] [Alexander Himmermann shows his name as GEORG HEINRICH GEHLENBECK].

Georg was a heuerlinge on the Forstmann farm. He occupioed a small house and worked for the farmer in exchange for rent. Presumably he also practised subsistence farming on a small portion of>
the land to supply himself and his family with food.
Georg was married twice, first to Anna Maria Beensmann (possibly spelled BENSMANN) on 22 November, 1795 at Hagen, Hannover; then to Anna Catharina Maria Krämer (possibly spelled KREIMER. Himmer>
man shows her first name as LUZIA.) on 31 October 1820, also in Hagen, Hannover. Georg & Anna Krämer were married only 3 months after his first wife's death. He was 55 and she was 31.
Georg died on 13 June, 1830 in Mentrup, Hannover and was buried there on 15 June 1830. 
GELLENBECK, Johann Georg [Jürgen?] Heinrich (I482)
Exact birth date and husband's name from "Early Bovina Families" digital transcript. 
Family F2006
Exact birth date from "Early Bovina Families" digital transcript. 
McLachlan, Leslie (I5245)
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3881)
juliemartin38 via Ancestry.Com
Sep 7 2013 9:09 PM GMT

Hi Don

Arthur Cheeseman is not closely related to me - he was my ancestor's great nephew. I have not really researched him and assumed William Cheeseman was his father as he was his mother's first husband. That his father was a Richard Worsfold is interesting as Rebecca's mother was a Worsfold. I am descended from Susanna Arthur - sister of Arthur's grandfather, John Arthur. I have researched our Arthur family through the Betchworth and Buckland Parish records and the IGI. Susanna and John's parents were Samuel and Jane Arthur. Samuel is probably the Samuel Arthur, son of Robert, bap. Nov 1730 Leatherhead. He is probably also the son of Robert and Martha who had a number of children at Buckland near Betchworth between 1720 and 1740. Samuel was described as aged 87 of Gadbrook, Buckland at his death in Jun 1818. The Arthurs in Mickleham and Ashstead appear to be related but I am not yet sure exactly how. Robert and Winifred Arthur who had children in Mickleham both died, a couple of years either side of Samuel's birth, in Leatherhead. Robert and Martha's eldest daughter Susanna was born in Ashstead and a Robert and Eleanor had children there in the early 1700s, Robert and Martha's 3rd daughter was called Eleanor. This is as far as I have got with the Arthur family. I believe Jane died aged 56 in 1811 - this would have made her just 16 when she married while Samuel was 39! I believe she is the only child of John Tidy and his first wife Jane (Roberts) - John's mother was a Bonwick (an important Charlwood family) while his sister Mary married Thomas Sanders (from another important Charlwood family) sadly any money appears to have failed to come down to John and his family.
CHEESMAN, Arthur (I777)
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3101)
Uncle Bob was born in Portland, Oregon, on 5 August, 1915. In his teens he ran away from home on several occasions and "bummed around", riding freight cars, etc. Bob may have tried proffessiona>
l boxing for a while. He was fond of telling fanciful stories about his adventures and was given to hyperbole so it is difficult to say what elements of his accounts were true.
Bob had a bad temper, was very cynical, and , especially in his later years, bordered on paranoia. He often accused various segments of the "establishment" of plotting various villanous acts from petty corruption to murder. [His favorite targets were polititians, doctors & lawyers].
Bob married Edna Conradsen sometime in the late 1930's. Bob & Edna never had any children.
Bob worked at various jobs during his life, including house painter, carpenter (?) and barber. In the late 1950's or early 60's he started buying fixer upper houses which he lived in while he rem>
odeled them, then sold them at a profit.
After Edna's death in 2000 he continued to live alone in a small house in the country near Grants Pass, Oregon.
13 October, 2002 : I just learned that uncle Bob passed away last Tuesday night, 8 October, 2002.
Kit, Ty & Ann Marie and Carol Jones (&
Alice ?) were present when he died. I'm told that after Bob died his dog layed down beside him and died too! [second vesion says the dog died earlier that day].
It also appears that Carol was the only one present when he died. 
RODDY, Robert Edward Lee (I216)
"Joan" was born 14 November, 1920 near Fenwood, Saskatchewan, Canada where her parents operated a wheat farm. Her birth certificate shows she was born on the NE quarter of section 24, Alex Benjest>
orf's homestead. Her father, Hugo, had been operating Alex's farm for a number of years prior to her birth. Joan has been told she was born in Uncle Oscar Benjestorf's house. Oscar may have taken>
the farm over from Alex.
Mrs. Conmee McLellan (Aunt Helma Benjestorf) was in attendance at the birth, and Aunt Mae (England) Benjestorf was also present in the house. Joan tells a story told to her by her mother that h>
er sisters, 4 year old Lucille & 2 year old Virginia had been playing upstairs at the time of her birth. When the two came downstairs it was discovered that Lucille had used the contents of the cham>
ber pot to "style" Gin's hair ! Aunt Mae wanted to spank Lucille, but Aunt Helma wouldn't let her.
The family moved to Colton, California when Joan was 3 1/2 years old [around springtime in 1924]. They initially stayed with her Uncle Ed and Aunt Mae in Colton.
Joans parents stayed in Colton until she was in the 8th grade. During the 8th grade Joan's parents divorced, and her father moved to San Bernardino, taking Joan and Evelyn with him while the tw>
o older children, Lucille & Virginia, stayed with their mother.
Joan started the 9th grade in San Bernardino after her parents' separation, and graduated from High School there. After High School she attended a "Beauty School" and graduated as a beautician.>

She met Arthur Alva Mathews at a "Woodmen of the World" picnic in Riverside, California. On their first date they went to a Rodeo in San Bernardino. Joan & Art were married in Las Vegas, Nevad>
a, on 22 February, 1941.
About 2 years after their marriage Art was drafted [?] into the Army and sent to Europe for the duration of WWII. While Art was in Europe, Joan rented out the house and moved back in with her f>
ather and his second wife, Mary. While there she worked in a beauty shop and used the rental income to make house payments. By the time Art returned at the end of the war, she had paid off the hous>
e mortgage!
On the 20th of July, 1948 Joan & Art's only child , Vaughn, was born.
After her father's 2nd wife, Mary, died, Joan and Art took the responsibility of raising their father's adopted child, Dolly.
At some point Art & Joan bought a new house next door to their original home. They continued to own the old house and rented it out.
After Art died in 1982, Joan stayed in San Bernardino for a while but sold the old rental property. Several years later she sold the other house and moved to Santa Barbara, California near her >
cousin Jeanette (Benjestorf) and husband Paul Jillson where she stayed for about four years.
Her son, Vaughn had become a minister and was transfered from Hawaii to Longview, Washington, and in the spring of 1999 Joan decided to move to Longview to be near him and his family.
In August, 2002 Joan was still living in Longview, Washington, and says she is tired of moving and plans to stay their till she dies.
Most of the information about Joan came directly from telephone conversations and letters from, Ada Joan (Benjestorf) Mathews. I also received a copy of her birth certificate.
Joan suffered a stroke ca 2006 and moved into a nursing home in Longview.
In 2008 she developed gangrene in her toes and they were amputated. Aparently not all the gangrene was removed, and she had to have her leg amputated shortly after the first surgery.
Joan died at Longview, Washington, on the night of 18 February, 2009. A memorial service for her was held on 26 February, 2009 at the New Life Felloship Church at 2441 42nd Avenue, Longview, Wash>
BENJESTORF, Ada Joan (I101)
( From LDS Pedigree Resource File for Johann Heinrich Gellenbeck).[Alexander Himmermann].

GERTRUD SPRINKWEG (SPRINGWEGES) was born in Kloster Oesede on 1 September, 1726.
Gertrud and Johann Spellmeyer were married on 12 November, 1754. Their first child,

Anna & Johann Heinrich had 10 children. 
SPRINKWEG, (Anna ?) Maria GERTRUD (I485)
(Info from Heinrich Schneehage letter, and remarks on the back of the family picture that I copied from a picture Jeanette Benjestorf Jillson had.)
Wilhelm died on the Russian Front during World War I. 
BENJESTORF, Wilhelm (I27)
(Information is from the LDS Pedigree Resource File. Submitter was Ellen Hennessy, q.v.)[additional information from Gerhard Vollbrecht] [Further research by Alex Himmerman]

According to Alexander Himmermann, Johann's name was actually JOHANN HEINRICH SPELLMEYER, and he probably acquired the name "Gellenbeck" when he acquired the Gellenbeck Hof since the surname was actually attached to the property.


After Catharina died, Johan married Anne Gertrud Stoevermann. They had two daughters & a son, Nicolaus Heinrich (born 21 Sept 1696). Nicolaus Heinrich may have been the father of Johan Heinrich.
[the previous from the Vollbrecht letter. Note: Vollbrecht shows Johann Heinrich's name as simply Heinrich, and his birthdate as c. 1715. He shows he died on 3 Feb, 1775] This Heinrich Gellenbec>
k was probably the original proprietor of Hof Gellenbeck. According to Alex Himmermann, he and his wife had no children. They died within nine days of each other in June, 1794. None of the circ>
umstances are known at this time about how the Gellenbeck's lost their farm nor how it came into the hands of Heinrich Spellmeyer. 
*(From LDS Family History list via Ellen Hennessy, q.v.) [CD #40 PIN #877757]
Luzia was Jürgen's 2nd wife. They married only three months after his 1st wife died. Alex Himmerman shows her name as "Kreimer". 
KRÄMER [KREIMER?], Luzia Catharina Maria (I480)
*(From LDS Family History list. Submitted by Ellen Hennessy, q.v.).

Johan, unlike his brothers, remained in Hannover long enough to get married and raise a family. On 2 November 1849 he married Catharina Elisabeth Konersmann [Himmermann shows 7 Nov. 1849].
Johan had 4 daughters by his wife Catharina.
Apparently the Johan Gellenbeck's were the German equivalent of "sharecroppers", because they are refered to as "the Heurlings" (Heurlinge~ a person who lives in an auxilary building of a farm and works for the farmer and/or leases some land to farm).
In 1869 (3 years after the Prussian invasion ~ the year Heinrich Benjestorf stowed away to America) the two oldest daughters emigrated to America. [ Did Heinrich Benjestorf meet these two in America, or even on the ship to America, and through them meet Mathilde when she came to America?].
Finally, on 20 May, 1872 Johan, his wife and two youngest daughters, Maria Catharina & Mathilde Catharina, set sail from Bremen to emigrate to the United States. They arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on 10 June 1872.
The records show that the Gellenbeck's arrived in Baltimore with THREE children; Matilda Catharina, Marie Catharina & "Elise", a 12 year old girl. [Elise was apparently the Gellenbeck's youngest child]
Late August 2002: received a message from Pat (Koebbe) Kroll of Phoenix. Her Great grandmother was Elisabeth (Gellenbeck) Koebbe [possibly "cousin Elise?]. She has church records [St. Anthony of Padua Church in St. Louis] which shows a Joannes Henrick Gellenbeck that died there on 20 January,1887 at the age of 65. This could very easily have been Johan. [He died at the home of his son-in-law, Herman Bange]
GELLENBECK, Jo(h)an Heinrich "Henry" (I479)
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I100)
A portrait of a man alleged to have been William Bowen was received via email attachment from Elizabeth Sloane on 31 March 2015.
Elizabeth doesn't know where she got the copy of the portrait. from the photo it does not appear to have been an oil painting, but perhaps a pastel chalk orwater color work.  
BOWEN, William (I1552)
A William Harris died in Bermondsey, Surrey in the first quarter of 1847. Another William Harris died in Bermondsey during the last quarter of 1849. One of these was probably our William Harris. No age is given for either in the BMD Index. 
HARRIS, William (I3020)
Aunt Dot, as everyone called her, was born on 17 June, 1886, on the Franklin Homestead about 5 miles east of Ainsworth, Nebraska. She never married. Family tradition says she was stood up at the a>
Aunt Dot lived in many places during her life like most of the other Franklin's & Roddy's. Here is a list of places she had lived which she supplied when applying for a job:
Apr 1937-Jun 1939- Junneau, Alaska
Jun 1939-Sep 1939-Portland, Oregon
Sep 1939-Dec 1939-Sparks, Nevada
Dec 1939-Dec 1940-Los Angeles, Calif.
Dec 1940- Jul 1941-Sparks, Nevada
Jul 1941-Aug 1942-Cresswell, Oregon
Aug 1942-5 Jan 1943-Portland, Oregon.
At the time of the 1910 census she was living with her parents and brother, Adelbert, in Tillamook, Oregon.
Much of her life, especially when she was older, Aunt Dot lived with relatives.
Aunt Dot worked in a laundry in Junneau, and worked for several years as a telephone operator in Woodland, Washington.
Aunt Dot died in Grants Pass, Oregon on 21 July, 1985. She was just 11 months short of her 100th birthday.
"Aunt Dot" is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Woodland, Washington as are her parents. 
FRANKLIN, Nita Elizabeth (I186)
Carol has two daughters , Lindsey & Christa Simpson by a previous husband. 
unknown, Carol (I380)
74 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I98)
Edna was born and went to school in a Danish community in Montana, and her parents and playmates spoke only Danish at home. She was not exposed to English until she started school, and apparently continued to speak Danish as her primary language until she left Plentywood [School District 51 on the Censuses]. As a result, she spoke English with a noticeble
accent all the rest of her life.
Edna developed symptons of Alzheimers Disease in her later years, and died of complicatins of the disease.
She and Bob never had any children.
Edna is burried in Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Grants Pass,Oregon. 
CONRADSEN, Edna (I217)
From "DROCK The Lost Family", by Daryl Holmes. Also US & New York Census records.

Walter married Polly Drock. 
CLEAVER, Walter (I814)
From "DROCK The Lost Family", by Daryl Holmes. Also US & New York Census records. Phyllis Laikin Bible.

Mary married her cousin, Austin Drock. 
CLEAVER, Mary Etta (I813)
From "DROCK The Lost Family", by Daryl Holmes. Phyllis Laikin Bible. [research by Mildred Purdy Feagle]

Austin was born in Alleghany County on 11 September, 1842. He was Daryl Holmes' great-great-grandfather. His children adopted the surname "DeRock" or "DeRoche", but Austin continued to use the na>
me "Drock" almost to the end of his life, untill around 1910. His will is the only known place that his name appears as "DeRock".
Daryl shows birth date as Sep, 1843.
Laikin Bible shows 11 Sep 1842.
Death Certificate shows 11 September, 1842.
Austin died in Sidney, Delaware County, New York, on 14 September, 1919. He died oc Carcinoma of the large intestine. He was burried in the new cemetery in Sidney, New York. 
DROCK, Austin Marcello (I809)
Harry Francis Roddy was born on 22 December, 1878, either in Chicago or Springfield, Illinois. No Doccumentation available on birth place other than Illinois.
Harry's father was either 1) killed in a train accident when Harry was about 2 years old, or 2) abandoned his mother before he was born.
His mother married Joseph Peter Myatt in Niles, Berrien, Michigan on 5 December, 1881. They lived in Niles for a year or two, then Chicago, then settled permanently in Denver, Colorado.
Harry ran away from home when he was quite young (early teens?), and he once told me that he joined a circus or carnival and became a tightrope walker or acrobat. He apparently returned home and finished High School in Denver. At the time of the 1900 Census he was living with his mother and half-siblings in Denver. He rolled cigars at a cigar factor in Denver.
He joined the US Army on 19 Jun 1900 shortly after the Spanish American War ended. He was in the Phillipines with Company C, 17th Infantry. He was discharged on18 June 1903.
After his discharge he worked as a farm hand on a ranch for room & board for a year+/-, and also did free lance house painting. On 22 September, 1903 he married Grace Francelia Franklin in Sherwoo>
d, Oregon.
He then worked as a cook for about a year ($1300 annual salary). From 1905 to 1910 he was a self employed painting contracter making about $1200 a year.
No information on what he did between 1910 and 1917 when he enlisted (or was drafted) into the Army on 29 July 1917 for WWI. He was a cook in the Quarter Master Corps and may have received a back >
injury while on active duty. In any case, he received an honerable discharge from the army on 28 July, 1919 .. He may have drawn a disability pension for the rest of his life.
No information on what he did between 1919 and1936, but I believe he may have been a house painter during that time, and probably out of work after 1929.
He worked for the ship building department of Commercial Iron Works in Portland, Oregon, as a painter during WWII.
Harry is said to have had a bad temper, was physically abusive to his sons and would leave his wife after arguments and not come back for several months. He did not live with Grace for the last fe>
w years of his life, and was living with his son, Donald Francis Roddy in Grass Valley, California at the time of his fatal stroke.
He was transported to the US Navy Hospital at Mare Island, Vallejo, California where he died from a "..mid-brain, spontaineous hemorrage..".
He is buried in grave #1005 in section "N" at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California. Grace Francelia Roddy is buried beside her husband. 
RODDY, Harry Francis (I45)
I met Don at his mother's home in Canby, Oregon, in November, 2002. 
MACAULEY, Donald (I1214)
Information from Pat Koebbe Kroll:

August Köbbe married Margaretha Elisabeth Gellenbeck on 5 September 1878 in St. Anthony of Padua Church in St. Louis, Missouri.
August was apparently a bartender in St. Louis. 
Köbbe, Theodor "August" Philipp (I768)
It appears that Søren Peter Rix usually used his middle name, Peter, while he was in the united States. 
RIX, Søren "Peter" (I114)
James Elliott's data shows two children, Tillie E. M. Elliott and Lily E. M. Elliott both born aproximately 1880, one in Capel and the other in nearby Newdigate. If the two girls were twins, it is unlikely they were born in different places. It is possible they were actually born about a year apart within the same calendar year.
Another possibility is that both girls were the same person with a transcription error on the spelling of the first name. DWR

Elliott, Lily E. M. (I4090)
Jesse is deceased. She and Jon had one son, Josh (Joshua?). 
unknown, Jesse (Jessica?) (I381)
John Hollis is almost a total mystery. He showed up in Lenawee county a few months before Addella Bowen married him. He never mentioned his parents, or even where he had come from. He was a hous>
e painter by trade and apparently did a lot of traveling looking for work in the farming country of Michigan. He would come and stay for a short time, then disappear for a lengthy time before returni>
John and Adella apparently had some sort of argument some time before she went to Washington, DC with her mother, after which he went to Hillsdale, Michigan to paint a house. That was the last tim>
e Adella ever saw him. She claims she received a letter saying he had fallen off a ladder while painting and had died from the injuries.
Her daughter, Nina May, claimed her mother told her that her father had died of "..inflamation of the bowels..".
Whether or not John Hollis was dead or not was the significant factor in whether Adella Franklkin qualified for a widow's pension after Reuben B. Franklin died since Adella & Hollis were never divor>
HOLLIS, John (I262)
Last known to be living in Tacoma, Washington. (Feb 2000 ... obituary of Hellen Benjestorf Mulder) (Public Family Tree on Ancestry.com ~ Lambach Family)

Jake Mulder was born on 21 Jan 1922 in
Friesland, Holland.
He died on 27 May 2003 in Sumner, Pierce, Washington. 
Mulder, Jacob (I456)
Patricia died at 18 in a diabetic coma and acidosis (probably ketoacidosis) precipitated by a five day fast reccomended by a naturopath. She is buried at Memorial Cemetery at Fremont, Nebraska. She was in a coma for 30 hours before her death and in the LDS hospital at Salt Lake City for one day. She passed away at 16:00hrs on 14 December 1952.
Coleman, Patricia Ann (I322)
Quinton's parents left the Mormon Church while in Salt Lake City. As a result his father was "black listed" and couldn't find employment, so they moved to Camas, Washington.
Quinton developed a heart condition in the 1970's (?) and had pig valves installed in his heart. he was told they would only last 5 to 7 years. The valves finally failed in 1993, and he died at h>
ome in Grants Pass, Oregon. 
JONES, Quintin Hubert (I245)
Ralph was born at St. Mary's Hospital in Reno, Nevada, on 29 May, 1935.
Ralph & his twin brother, Roger, were my main playmates/freinds from the time I was in 2nd grade until after I graduated from High School.
After graduating from Cottage Grove Union High School Ralph enlisted in the Marine Corps.
He married Donna Decker in Norwalk, California, on 23 July, 1955.
Donna divorced him on 26 December, 1957. Shorttly afterward, Ralph married Ann Kolen. Ann divorced him on 4 August, 1961.
Ralph met Loretta Maiola on 17 March, 1961 at an NCO Club St. Patricks Day party. They married on 9 June, 1962.
After leaving the Marine Corps Ralph sold insurance in the San Diego area for a few years, then he and his family moved to Bakersfield. Ralph was involved in a number of enteprenerial activities >
in Bakersfield including rental properties, a Tire dealership and a computerized filing plan.
Ralph, who had smoked since his early teens, developed lung cancer. Although he stopped smoking several years before discovering the cancer, it was too late. The cancer metasisized and spread t>
o his brain and eyes. He died in Bakersfield on 17 March, 2002.
Ralph died in a nursing home in Bakersfield, California, after about a two year battle with lung cancer which moved to his brain and later his liver. The cancer also caused him to lose most of his>
OSBORN, Ralph Eugene (I229)
Ray Christian Rix was born in Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska on 16 May 1916. He grew up on his parents' farm near Fremont. He enlisted in the US Navy on 12 January 1937 and served for four years. While he was in the Navy he married his hometown sweetheart, Teresa Lucille "Pat" Guyon on 21 December 1937. He was discharged from the Navy on 17 January 1941 in California.
After leaving the Navy Ray got a job working for "Ma Belll" in the California desert where he was a lineman for the duration of the war. The job was considered "critical" and he was exempted from the draft although he tried to re-enlist when World War II started. He worked for AT&T and later PacTel for 32 yrs, most of it in the San Bernardino/Riverside California area whence he was transfered after the war.
After he retired he sold his house in Rialto, California and bought a trailer with the intention of touring the United States with his wife, "Pat". When they stopped at a trailer park at Buchanan Dam, near Burnet, Texas both his and Pat's health had deteriorated to the point that they decided to get a larger trailer and settle there permanently.
About two years after his wife's death in 1985, Ray sold the trailer and moved to live with his daughter's family in Grass Valley, California. Ray had experienced three heart attacks and a stroke and his health continued to degenerate to the point that he had to move into a nursing home early in January 1989. He died from complications of congestive heart failure on 21 January 1989, about two weeks after moving into the hospital, in Grass Valley, Nevada, California. His body was transported back to Burnet, Burnet, Texas for a funeral and burial beside his wife at the Lakeland Hills Memorial Park .
RIX, Ray Christian (I113)
Reuben B. Franklin stayed with his half sister, Mary, prior to his marriage (when "..quite young.." ..16 or 17) to Henrietta McGee, and they continued to live with her "..more or less.." until Reuben joined the Army at the start of the Civil War.
Henrietta continued to live with her after Reuben joined the Army, and their son, Charles Avery Franklin was born while Reuben was in the Army.[Deposition of Mary C. Clemons, 28 Sept. 1921].
Last known address R.D. 1, Belvidere, New York.
Mary took over the payments on a small farm near Belvediere from her half brother, Reuben B. Franklin, then later sold the property to her son-in-law, John Fitzgerald, on the condition that she would continue to live on it until her death.
At the census on 4th & 5th of May, 1910, Mary lived with her daughter & son-in-law and 3 g.grandchildren on White Creek Crossroad in Belfast Township.
She is apparently shown as a Mulato on the 1910 census, although it looks as if the enumerator first listed her as white. 
Churkins, Mary C. (I109)
92 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I225)
Very little is known about Charles F. Roddy. According to personal information supplied by Harry F. Roddy while working for a shipyard in Portland, Oregon, his father was born "near London, England".
Family tradition has it that he abandoned Catherine Burns before Harry was born. However, in some notes made by Luella [Gordon] Eisenbraun (?), there is a comment that Charles was killed in a train accident when Harry was about 2 years old. No source is given for this information.
A widow, "Mary Burns", was head of a household living with her 1½ year old son, Harry, in La Porte, La Porte, Indiana at the time of the US Census on 1 June 1880. Mary Burns' age is within one year of Katherine Burns' and her birth place and the birth places of her parents are the same as Catherine's. Harry Burn's age matches Harry Roddy's to the month and he was born in Illinois. Neither Katherine Burns/Roddy nor Harry Roddy can be found in the 1880 census. 
[ Connection to Alex Benjestorf confirmed by Joan Benjestorf & Jeanette Benjestorf, June 2002] [Margaret Benjestorf Console].

Hellen's obituary was found in a file of a Pierce County, WA, newspaper on the internet. She had been a resident of Clearview Manor in Tacoma, Washington.
Funeral services were held on 7 Feb 2000 and she was intered at
Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Washington.
The obituary listed survivors as;
her husband, Jacob Mulder of Tacoma;daughters Francie H. Amos of Sumner, Cheryl L Lewis of Yakima; Brother Clarence Benjestorf of California; sisters Kate Brackett & Margaret Console, both of Califo>
rnia; grandchildren Stephen Lewis, Tracy Lewis & Kimberly (Brian) Boyd;& great-grandchild Mickayla Boyd. 
BENJESTORF, Hellen J. "Juanita" (I455)
[ from Denise Ann Benjestorf's Famiy Group Record & Joan Benjestorf].

Shirley was the youngest child of Albert & Luisa. She was born in San pedro, california on 17 August, 1937.
Shirley married Bruce Arthur Young on 18 June , 1955 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Shirley & Bruce had 4 children. 
BENJESTORF, Shirley Kathleen (I492)
96 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I546)
["The Wolves Had Four Legs" by Violette DeRosia]. [from Douglas Lustig]

Albert was born in Perham, Minnesota, and accompanied his parents when they went to Fenwood, Saskatchewan with Heinrich & Mathilda in 1903.
Albert married Mary Fisher on 7 August, 1921, in Melvillle, Saskatchewan. They had 6 children.
Albert died in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, on 6 January, 1980. 
LUSTIG, Albert (I752)
[1850 & 1855 Census] 
CLEMENS, Charles (I110)
[1865 New York Census].

In the Census, Sarah [Little] drock states she had 5 children. Only 3 are accounted for. The other two may have died in infancy. 
DROCK, 2 more children (I835)
[Benjestorf Family History, by Heinrich Schneehage; Schneehage letter; comments on back of family picture; Letter from Heinrich Benjestorf dated 25 June 2002 &14 July, 2002].

Heinrich (the first) was born 21 August,1886 in Osterwald. He married Marie Evers [of Osterwald?] and they had two Children, a son, Heinrich (the second) and Marieluise ("Marlise").
BENJESTORF, Heinrich (I21)

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