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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S13 1880 Federal Population Census
2 S14 1881 Census of Altrincham, Cheshire, England
British Government 
3 S2 1891 UK Census of Banstead, Surrey, Tadworth District
4 S6 1910 Federal Population Census
5 S8 Acction for Divorce; Rosalie May Franklin vs Louis A. Franklin
6 S4 Birth Registration
7 S11 Certificate of Marrige: Louis A. Franklin & Rosalie May Smith
8 S12 Deposition of Della L. Franklin
9 S3 E-mail from John Tanner, 14 Jul 2009
10 S16 E-mail from John Tanner~24 Aug 2009
11 S5 E-mails from Patricia Geary in May & July, 2009.
Pat Geary 
12 S21 Elizabeth Marion Sloane
Elizabeth Sloane 
13 S18 Erkunft & Entwicklung einer Familie
Heinrich Scneehage 
14 S1 File (merged): C:\Users\Don\Desktop\RodBen1.fh_data\RodBen1.ged
15 S17 Gerhard Ohs
Gerhard Ohs 
16 S19 Interview with Lucille Daisy Benjestorf
17 S15 Marriage Registration of Emma benjestorf & Fredrick Bamping
18 S20 Sloane Website; MyHeritage.Com
Elizabeth Marion Sloane 
19 S10 Washington Bureau of Vital Statistics Marriage Return
20 S7 Washington State Board of Health Certificate of Death
Washington bureau of Vital Statistics 
21 S9 Washington State Bureau of Vital Statistics Birth Registration
Washington Bureau of Vital Statistics.