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Capel, Surrey, England



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ? WORSFOLD, Thomas ?  Est Apr 1763Capel, Surrey, England I1628
2 ARTHUR, John  Feb 1851Capel, Surrey, England I2944
3 ARTHUR, William  1818Capel, Surrey, England I2943
4 CHEES(E)MAN, Ann "Nan"  Mar 1868Capel, Surrey, England I1586
5 CHEESEMAN, Alice  19 Dec 1886Capel, Surrey, England I1588
6 CHEESEMAN, Mary  Jul 1839Capel, Surrey, England I1622
7 CHEESMAN, Arthur  11 May 1875Capel, Surrey, England I367
8 CHEESMAN, Ellen  Dec 1882Capel, Surrey, England I1587
9 CHEESMAN, Fanny  15 Jul 1877Capel, Surrey, England I884
10 CHEESMAN, James  Apr 1837Capel, Surrey, England I1621
11 CHEESMAN, Mary  Feb 1870Capel, Surrey, England I883
12 CHEESMAN, William  Feb 1880Capel, Surrey, England I887
13 EDE, Edward George "Ted"  Sep 1893Capel, Surrey, England I2671
14 EDE, Emma  Feb 1882Capel, Surrey, England I2666
15 EDE, Frank W.  Aug 1886Capel, Surrey, England I2644
16 EDE, Henry  Sep 1850Capel, Surrey, England I1638
17 EDE, Henry  1884Capel, Surrey, England I2643
18 EDE, John "Jack"  Jul 1892Capel, Surrey, England I2633
19 EDE, Kate Mary  Dec 1888Capel, Surrey, England I2645
20 EDE, Reuben J.  Aug 1884Capel, Surrey, England I2667
21 EDE, Robert John  8 Sep 1932Capel, Surrey, England I2661
22 EDE, Walter John "Bob"  21 Jun 1896Capel, Surrey, England I2628
23 EDE, William Thomas  Jun 1887Capel, Surrey, England I2670
24 Elliott, Tillie E. M.  Abt 1880Capel, Surrey, England I4089
25 LINDFIELD, Charles John  Mar 1885Capel, Surrey, England I2081
26 LINDFIELD, Constance Nellie  Apr 1882Capel, Surrey, England I2079
27 LINDFIELD, William James  Mar 1884Capel, Surrey, England I2080
28 LINFIELD, Alice Mary  Jul 1880Capel, Surrey, England I2078
29 Mary, wife of Benjamin Stedman  1829Capel, Surrey, England I2993
30 STANBRIDGE, Anne  1868Capel, Surrey, England I2640
31 STANBRIDGE, Emma  Feb 1864Capel, Surrey, england I2639
32 STANBRIDGE, James  Feb 1871Capel, Surrey, England I2635
33 STANBRIDGE, John  Aug 1876Capel, Surrey, England I2637
34 STANBRIDGE, Kate  Feb 1866Capel, Surrey, England I2641
35 STANBRIDGE, Peter  1839Capel, Surrey, England I2634
36 STANBRIDGE, William  May 1874Capel, Surrey, England I2636
37 STEDMAN, Alice  Jun 1853Capel, Surrey, England I2077
38 STEDMAN, Benjamin  1823Capel, Surrey, England I2992
39 STILL, Joseph  1868Capel, Surrey, England I2956
40 WORSFOLD, Rebecca  13 Jan 1782Capel, Surrey, England I1630
41 WORSFOLD, Richard **  1818Capel, Surrey, England I1637
42 WORSFOLD, William  1771Capel, Surrey, England I3215


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ARTHUR, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1823Capel, Surrey, England I1640
2 ARTHUR, Kitty  16 Mar 1823Capel, Surrey, England I1641
3 ARTHUR, Mary  11 Oct 1818Capel, Surrey, England I1639
4 ARTHUR, Rebecca  17 Sep 1815Capel, Surrey, England I1618
5 CHEES(E)MAN, Ann "Nan"  12 Apr 1868Capel, Surrey, England I1586
6 CHEESEMAN, Alice  13 Mar 1887Capel, Surrey, England I1588
7 CHEESEMAN, Harriet W.  8 Sep 1872Capel, Surrey, England I224
8 CHEESEMAN, Mary  28 Jul 1839Capel, Surrey, England I1622
9 CHEESMAN, Arthur  3 May 1846Capel, Surrey, England I777
10 CHEESMAN, Ellen  14 Jan 1883Capel, Surrey, England I1587
11 CHEESMAN, Fanny  9 Sep 1877Capel, Surrey, England I884
12 CHEESMAN, George  10 Aug 1884Capel, Surrey, England I1589
13 CHEESMAN, Harry  13 Jun 1875Capel, Surrey, England I366
14 CHEESMAN, James  2 Apr 1837Capel, Surrey, England I1621
15 CHEESMAN, Mary  13 Feb 1870Capel, Surrey, England I883
16 CHEESMAN, William  14 Mar 1880Capel, Surrey, England I887
17 EDE, Henry  20 Oct 1850Capel, Surrey, England I1638
18 EDE, William  5 Mar 1854Capel, Surrey, England I2006
19 LINDFIELD, Charles John  11 Apr 1885Capel, Surrey, England I2081
20 LINDFIELD, Constance Nellie  14 May 1882Capel, Surrey, England I2079
21 LINDFIELD, William James  13 Apr 1884Capel, Surrey, England I2080
22 LINFIELD, Alice Mary  8 Aug 1880Capel, Surrey, England I2078
23 STANBRIDGE, Anne  11 Oct 1868Capel, Surrey, England I2640
24 STANBRIDGE, Kate  4 Mar 1866Capel, Surrey, England I2641
25 STANBRIDGE, Mary  3 Aug 1862Capel, Surrey, England I2638
26 WORSFOLD, Betty  3 Feb 1765Capel, Surrey, England I1634
27 WORSFOLD, James  21 Apr 1793Capel, Surrey, England I1632
28 WORSFOLD, John  11 Oct 1767Capel, Surrey, England I1635
29 WORSFOLD, Thomas  24 Jun 1787Capel, Surrey, England I1633


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ? BRISTOW, Mary ?  May 1818Capel, Surrey, England I1629
2 ? WORSFOLD, James ?  Mar 1824Capel, Surrey, England I1631
3 ARTHUR, Mary  Sep 1892Capel, Surrey, England I1639
4 ARTHUR, William  Mar 1900Capel, Surrey, England I2943
5 BARBER, Gladys Elizabeth  11 Aug 1987Capel, Surrey, England I2650
6 Burrows, Elizabeth  Dec 1925Capel, Surrey, England I4097
7 EDE, Charles  14 Feb 1888Capel, Surrey, England I1620
8 EDE, Kate Mary  Sep 1893Capel, Surrey, England I2645
9 EDE, Robert John  21 Aug 1990Capel, Surrey, England I2661
10 EDE, Walter John "Bob"  2 Dec 1978Capel, Surrey, England I2628
11 LINDFIELD, Ellen  21 Jan 1880Capel, Surrey, England I2017
12 STEDMAN, Alice  8 Aug 1904Capel, Surrey, England I2077


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ? BRISTOW, Mary ?  2 Jun 1818Capel, Surrey, England I1629
2 ? WORSFOLD, James ?  9 Mar 1824Capel, Surrey, England I1631
3 ARTHUR, John  9 May 1849Capel, Surrey, England I1623
4 EDE, Charles  Est 17 Feb 1888Capel, Surrey, England I1620
5 WORSFOLD, Mary  25 Jun 1826Capel, Surrey, England I1624


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? WORSFOLD / ? BRISTOW  10 Apr 1780Capel, Surrey, England F592
2 FISH / CHEESMAN  31 Dec 1894Capel, Surrey, England F752
3 FRANCIS / CHEESMAN  7 Apr 1904Capel, Surrey, England F726
4 HARRIS / CHEES(E)MAN  27 Oct 1891Capel, Surrey, England F708
5 OCKENDON / CHEESMAN  27 Jun 1901Capel, Surrey, England F1190
6 Small / Elliott  4 Apr 1885Capel, Surrey, England F1583