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Churchstanton, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUTTLE, William  May 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2802
2 BUTTLE, un-named child  Dec 1867Churchstanton, Devon, England I2794
3 Buttle, Sarah  5 Nov 1795Churchstanton, Devon, England I4476
4 BUTTLE, Robert Walter  Mar 1863Churchstanton, Devon, England I2801
5 Buttle, Richard  Abt 1790Churchstanton, Devon, England I4477
6 BUTTLE, Mary Ann  Jan 1861Churchstanton, Devon, England I2800
7 Buttle, Mary  Est Sep 1787Churchstanton, Devon, England I4475
8 BUTTLE, Lucy  Oct 1875Churchstanton, Devon, England I2799
9 BUTTLE, Laura  1847Churchstanton, Devon, England I2785
10 BUTTLE, John  Jul 1802Churchstanton, Devon, England I1944
11 Buttle, Jemima  9 Jul 1796Churchstanton, Devon, England I4474
12 BUTTLE, James  May 1828Churchstanton, Devon, England I2752
13 BUTTLE, James  Jun 1804Churchstanton, Devon, England I1943
14 Buttle, Jacob  Est Aug 1792Churchstanton, Devon, England I4472
15 BUTTLE, Hugh  1789Churchstanton, Devon, England I2753
16 BUTTLE, Emma  May 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2798
17 BUTTLE, Elnora  1840Churchstanton, Devon, England I2784
18 BUTTLE, Elizabeth  Jan 1855Churchstanton, Devon, England I2797
19 BUTTLE, Eliza  Feb 1858Churchstanton, Devon, England I2796
20 Buttle, Edward  Est Jun 1788Churchstanton, Devon, England I4473
21 BUTTLE, Alfred  May 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2795
22 BURFORD, Peter  Est May 1711Churchstanton, Devon, England I4469
23 BURFORD, Mary  Est Jan 1723Churchstanton, Devon, England I4468
24 BURFORD, John  Est Mar 1707Churchstanton, Devon, England I4467
25 BURFORD, Edmund  Est Jun 1715Churchstanton, Devon, England I4466
26 BAZELEY, Honour  Jan 1803Churchstanton, Devon, England I2777
27 Susannah  Cal 1790Churchstanton, Devon, England I4478


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 NORTH, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1831Churchstanton, Devon, England I2791
2 BUTTOLPH at HERRING, Hannah  7 Apr 1684Churchstanton, Devon, England I2692
3 BUTTLE, William [I] (?)  19 Feb 1775Churchstanton, Devon, England I1906
4 BUTTLE, William (?)  21 Jul 1777Churchstanton, Devon, England I1916
5 BUTTLE, William  19 Jun 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2802
6 BUTTLE, William  22 Jul 1827Churchstanton, Devon, England I2783
7 BUTTLE, William  18 Apr 1824Churchstanton, Devon, England I2760
8 BUTTLE, William  6 Jan 1719Churchstanton, Devon, England I2713
9 BUTTLE, un-named child  22 Dec 1867Churchstanton, Devon, England I2794
10 BUTTLE, Thomas  3 Jun 1855Churchstanton, Devon, England I2740
11 BUTTLE, Thomas  3 May 1835Churchstanton, Devon, England I2725
12 BUTTLE, Thomas  11 Jun 1829Churchstanton, Devon, England I2764
13 BUTTLE, Thomas  10 Feb 1779Churchstanton, Devon, England I1917
14 BUTTLE, Susannah  4 Aug 1777Churchstanton, Devon, England I1914
15 BUTTLE, Sarah  8 Jun 1835Churchstanton, Devon, England I2761
16 BUTTLE, Robert Walter  12 Apr 1863Churchstanton, Devon, England I2801
17 BUTTLE, Robert  1 Mar 1843Churchstanton, Devon, England I2781
18 BUTTLE, Mary Ann  13 Feb 1861Churchstanton, Devon, England I2800
19 BUTTLE, Mary  8 Feb 1830Churchstanton, Devon, England I2780
20 BUTTLE, Mary  26 May 1828Churchstanton, Devon, England I2759
21 BUTTLE, Mary  27 Jan 1823Churchstanton, Devon, England I2765
22 BUTTLE, Mary  26 Jun 1808Churchstanton, Devon, England I2790
23 BUTTLE, Lucy  7 Nov 1875Churchstanton, Devon, England I2799
24 BUTTLE, Louisa  3 Aug 1824Churchstanton, Devon, England I2779
25 BUTTLE, John  14 Jan 1838Churchstanton, Devon, England I2767
26 BUTTLE, John  18 Apr 1824Churchstanton, Devon, England I2758
27 BUTTLE, John  25 Jul 1802Churchstanton, Devon, England I1944
28 BUTTLE, John  6 Jan 1782Churchstanton, Devon, England I1915
29 BUTTLE, John  28 Sep 1746Churchstanton, Devon, England I1909
30 BUTTLE, James  14 Jan 1838Churchstanton, Devon, England I2768
31 BUTTLE, James  26 May 1828Churchstanton, Devon, England I2752
32 BUTTLE, James  22 May 1825Churchstanton, Devon, England I2763
33 BUTTLE, James  1 Jul 1804Churchstanton, Devon, England I1943
34 BUTTLE, Emma  19 Jun 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2798
35 BUTTLE, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1855Churchstanton, Devon, England I2797
36 BUTTLE, Elizabeth  26 Jun 1836Churchstanton, Devon, England I2778
37 BUTTLE, Elizabeth  Jun 1831Churchstanton, Devon, England I2766
38 BUTTLE, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1782Churchstanton, Devon, England I1913
39 BUTTLE, Eliza  21 Feb 1858Churchstanton, Devon, England I2796
40 BUTTLE, Eliza  15 Apr 1827Churchstanton, Devon, England I2776
41 BUTTLE, Caroline  12 Apr 1841Churchstanton, Devon, England I2769
42 BUTTLE, Betsey  3 Jul 1832Churchstanton, Devon, England I2762
43 BUTTLE, Betsey  26 May 1828Churchstanton, Devon, England I2756
44 BUTTLE, Ann  20 Jun 1825Churchstanton, Devon, England I2757
45 BUTTLE, Alfred  19 Jun 1870Churchstanton, Devon, England I2795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Joan, widow of unknown Buttolph  25 Feb 1695Churchstanton, Devon, England I2803
2 Buttle, Richard  Est Jun 1855Churchstanton, Devon, England I4477
3 BOTOLPH at HERRING, Nathaniel  Apr 1693Churchstanton, Devon, England I2734


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTTOLPH at HERRING / CULVERWELL  11 Feb 1677Churchstanton, Devon, England F1049