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New York



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DesirĂ©  1808New York I2321
2 2nd wife of William Drock, Ella M  1852New York I829
3 Clark, Chancy  1825New York I1499
4 CLARK, Sarah Jane  1852New York I877
5 CLEAVER, Elfleda  Feb 1871New York I5184
6 CLEMENS, Charles  1827New York I110
7 CORWIN, Benjamin  1819New York I2902
8 De ROCK, John  1867New York I2437
9 de Roque, Bertha  Aug 1890New York I4459
10 de Roque, Clara M.  Mar 1887New York I4458
11 de Roque, Earl Homer Sr.  Jan 1895New York I4454
12 DENNIS, William  1857New York I445
13 DEROCK, Oscar J.  22 Sep 1929New York I2700
14 DeROCK, William James  1896New York I2416
15 DROCK, Cyrus Lyman  May 1857New York I3814
16 DROCK, Emma  1860New York I2423
17 Eccleston, William  Mar 1850New York I2439
18 FISHER, John  1898New York I2429
19 FRANKLIN, George  Dec 1871New York I2546
20 FRANKLIN, Grace  Mar 1879New York I2548
21 Franklin, Susan J.  Nov 1875New York I2547
22 GORDON, Deborah Elizabeth  1815New York I60
23 Grant, Clara Wakeman  1883New York I5241
24 GUYON, James Josiah  14 Jun 1850New York I171
25 GUYON, Rebecca R.  1872New York I2200
26 Harrington, Frank  22 Feb 1909New York I5188
27 JOHNSON, Ada  Mar 1867New York I2414
28 Jones, Ida  Apr 1885New York I5222
29 Jones, Julia E.  May 1891New York I5226
30 JUDSON, Betsy  1809New York I2319
31 JUDSON, Philo  1807New York I2901
32 Judson, William  1834New York I2333
33 Louisa Whipple's, Mother  New York I1599
34 Martha A., wife of Benjamin Corwin  1826New York I2903
35 McGEE, Henrietta  1844New York I180
36 OST, George  Feb 1878New York I900
37 PURDY, Nehemiah  1797New York I2375
38 Rebecca, Sebastian's 1st wife  1836New York I2367
39 ROCHE, Maria  Abt Apr 1836New York I594
40 ROUSE, Virginia  Dec 1916New York I867
41 RYAN, Clara Elizabeth  1864New York I1510
42 SCHOONOVER, Mary  Cal 1816New York I3752
43 THORN, Rebecca Ann "Martha?"  12 Jun 1814New York I2202
44 unknown, Adalaide  May 1851New York I2440
45 Unknown, Betsy  1828New York I1790
46 WALKER, Harriet  1864New York I4462
47 WALKER, Sophrona  Cal 1857New York I4461
48 WHIPPLE, Josephine "Louisa"  1846New York I1513
49 WHIPPLE, unknown  New York I1598


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COOK, Lucinda  1870New York I2113
2 DROCK, James Peter  1880New York I789


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRAYMAN / HARRIS  28 Nov 1917New York F558
2 Budine / Jones  Cal 1915New York F1996
3 McLachlan / Scott  30 Dec 1885New York F2003