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Newdigate, Surrey, England



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burrows, Benjamin  12 Aug 1807Newdigate, Surrey, England I4098
2 Burrows, Benjamin  Abt 1835Newdigate, Surrey, England I4105
3 Burrows, Charlotte  Abt 1840Newdigate, Surrey, England I4108
4 Burrows, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Newdigate, Surrey, England I4097
5 Burrows, Hannah  Abt 1842Newdigate, Surrey, England I4109
6 Burrows, Mary Ann  Abt 1836Newdigate, Surrey, England I4106
7 Burrows, Rebecca  Abt 1844Newdigate, Surrey, England I4110
8 Burrows, William  Abt 1838Newdigate, Surrey, England I4107
9 CHEESMAN, Arthur  Between Oct 1912 and Dec 1912Newdigate, Surrey, England I3208
10 CHEESMAN, George  26 Nov 1918Newdigate, Surrey, England I3037
11 CHEESMAN, Harry  Between Apr 1916 and Jun 1916Newdigate, Surrey, England I3211
12 CHEESMAN, Mabel  1907Newdigate, Surrey, England I3206
13 CHEESMAN, Sophia "Sophie" Annie  Between Oct 1908 and Dec 1908Newdigate, Surrey, England I3207
14 Elliott, Annie E.  25 Jun 1861Newdigate, Surrey, England I4077
15 Elliott, George  7 Apr 1856Newdigate, Surrey, England I4086
16 Elliott, Harriet  5 Aug 1820Newdigate, Surrey, England I4068
17 Elliott, Henry  10 Mar 1858Newdigate, Surrey, England I4079
18 Elliott, James  Abt 1784Newdigate, Surrey, England I4062
19 Elliott, James  26 Mar 1826Newdigate, Surrey, England I3973
20 Elliott, Jesse James  18 Apr 1887Newdigate, Surrey, England I4081
21 Elliott, Lily E. M.  Abt 1880Newdigate, Surrey, England I4090
22 Elliott, Mary  Abt 1814Newdigate, Surrey, England I4066
23 Elliott, Phillis  24 Nov 1822Newdigate, Surrey, England I4069
24 ELLIOTT, Sophia  25 Feb 1851Newdigate, Surrey, England I3034
25 Elliott, William J.  Abt 1877Newdigate, Surrey, England I4088
26 Lucas, James  Abt 1775Newdigate, Surrey, England I4100
27 Lucas, Rebecca  6 Nov 1815Newdigate, Surrey, England I4099
28 Nash, John  Abt 1800Newdigate, Surrey, England I4018
29 WOOD, Alice  Abt 1876Newdigate, Surrey, England I4073
30 WOOD, Beatrice Fowler  14 Mar 1905Newdigate, Surrey, England I3036
31 WOOD, Caroline  Abt 1882Newdigate, Surrey, England I4076
32 WOOD, Charles Henry  Abt 1878Newdigate, Surrey, England I4074
33 WOOD, Esther  Abt 1879Newdigate, Surrey, England I4075
34 WOOD, Martha  1886Newdigate, Surrey, England I3032


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boxall, Mary Anne  Abt 1864Newdigate, Surrey, England I4101
2 Burrows, Benjamin  Sep 1883Newdigate, Surrey, England I4098
3 Burrows, William  Abt 1839Newdigate, Surrey, England I4107
4 Elliott, James  Jul 1846Newdigate, Surrey, England I4062
5 Elliott, James  4 Jan 1901Newdigate, Surrey, England I3973
6 Elliott, James  Abt 1918Newdigate, Surrey, England I4096
7 Jenkins, Charlotte  21 May 1898Newdigate, Surrey, England I3974
8 Killick, Sarah  Abt 1868Newdigate, Surrey, England I4063
9 Lucas, Rebecca  14 Apr 1889Newdigate, Surrey, England I4099


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burage / Elliott  30 Sep 1834Newdigate, Surrey, England F1580
2 Burrows / Lucas  10 Oct 1834Newdigate, Surrey, England F1588
3 Elliott / Burrows  22 Apr 1867Newdigate, Surrey, England F1587
4 Elliott / Tourle  31 Jul 1886Newdigate, Surrey, England F1584
5 Elliott / Tyler  26 Apr 1777Newdigate, Surrey, England F1578