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Shipley, Sussex, England



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ┬┐HEASMAN, James?  1784Shipley, Sussex, England I3184
2 CHARMAN, John  1822Shipley, Sussex, England I3297
3 COLLISON, John  1799Shipley, Sussex, England I3288
4 LINDFIELD, Charles  29 Jan 1843Shipley, Sussex, England I2009
5 LINDFIELD, John  Nov 1854Shipley, Sussex, England I2012
6 LINDFIELD, Richard  21 May 1845Shipley, Sussex, England I2013
7 LINFIELD, Alfred  1878Shipley, Sussex, England I3306
8 LINFIELD, Alice  Jan 1883Shipley, Sussex, England I3295
9 LINFIELD, Ann  Sep 1867Shipley, Sussex, England I3292
10 LINFIELD, Elizabeth  Jan 1871Shipley, Sussex, England I3303
11 LINFIELD, Florence  1876Shipley, Sussex, England I3305
12 LINFIELD, George  26 Sep 1839Shipley, Sussex, England I2053
13 LINFIELD, George, Jr.  Dec 1863Shipley, Sussex, England I3290
14 LINFIELD, Harry  1873Shipley, Sussex, England I3304
15 LINFIELD, James  2 Dec 1841Shipley, Sussex, England I2052
16 LINFIELD, James, Jr.  1868Shipley, Sussex, England I3302
17 LINFIELD, John  1892Shipley, Sussex, England I3311
18 LINFIELD, Joseph  1880Shipley, Sussex, England I3307
19 LINFIELD, Kate  Mar 1873Shipley, Sussex, England I3293
20 LINFIELD, Lily  1889Shipley, Sussex, England I3310
21 LINFIELD, Lucy  1884Shipley, Sussex, England I3309
22 LINFIELD, Mary  1866Shipley, Sussex, England I3300
23 LINFIELD, Mary Ann  Mar 1847Shipley, Sussex, England I2057
24 LINFIELD, Nellie  1882Shipley, Sussex, England I3308
25 LINFIELD, Peter  Jan 1853Shipley, Sussex, England I2048
26 LINFIELD, Rose  Dec 1875Shipley, Sussex, England I3294
27 LINFIELD, Sarah  29 Sep 1837Shipley, Sussex, England I2014
28 LINFIELD, Sarah  1864Shipley, Sussex, England I3299
29 LINFIELD, unknown  1868Shipley, Sussex, England I3301
30 Lucy, wife of John Charman  1824Shipley, Sussex, England I3298
31 Mary A., wife of Henry Tulley  1818Shipley, Sussex, England I3291
32 RANDALL, Mary  Apr 1819Shipley, Sussex, England I2056
33 RANDALL, William  Feb 1815Shipley, Sussex, England I2055
34 Sarah, wife of William Worsfold  1776Shipley, Sussex, England I3216
35 STENNING, Mary  1762Shipley, Sussex, England I3188
36 TULLEY, Ann  Dec 1841Shipley, Sussex, England I3286


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HEASMAN, Frances "Fanny"  19 Mar 1820Shipley, Sussex, England I882
2 LINDFIELD, Charles  5 Mar 1843Shipley, Sussex, England I2009
3 LINDFIELD, Frances "Fanny"  6 Jul 1851Shipley, Sussex, England I2010
4 LINDFIELD, Harriet  25 Feb 1849Shipley, Sussex, England I880
5 LINDFIELD, John  3 Dec 1854Shipley, Sussex, England I2012
6 LINDFIELD, Richard  22 Jun 1845Shipley, Sussex, England I2013
7 LINFIELD, David  6 Aug 1837Shipley, Sussex, England I2051
8 LINFIELD, James  23 Jan 1842Shipley, Sussex, England I2052
9 LINFIELD, Mary  31 Jan 1808Shipley, Sussex, England I2054
10 LINFIELD, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1847Shipley, Sussex, England I2057
11 LINFIELD, Peter  6 Feb 1853Shipley, Sussex, England I2048
12 RANDALL, Mary  16 May 1819Shipley, Sussex, England I2056
13 STENNING, Mary  12 Sep 1762Shipley, Sussex, England I3188