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FRANKLIN,  Reuben Benjamin

FRANKLIN, Reuben Benjamin

Male 1841 - 1919  (78 years)


1-1. The Curious Case of Della & Reuben

25 April 1921 - Portland, Oregon:

Milford M. Brower, a Special Examiner for the Bureau of Pensions, looked at the petite, frail, old lady seated across from him. She was less than 5 feet tall and, he estimated, weighed considerably less than 100 pounds. With her hair pulled back in a severe bun she looked even older than her 79 years. He mentally reviewed the highlights of her case.

Her husband had died shortly after Christmas, 1919 … the 29th of December, 1919 to be exact. She had applied for a widow’s pension on 18 February, 1920 (her husband had been receiving $46 a month disability pension from wounds received during the Civil War).

As the case is investigated, details of the 50 year plus relationship unfold, as well as Reuben's experiences in the Civil War.

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DateFeb 2003
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