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BUTTLE,  William [I] (?)

BUTTLE, William [I] (?)

Male Abt 1776 - 1853  (~ 77 years)


3-3. The Buttle’s of Churchstanton

~ 1650 - Churchstanton Parish, Devonshire, England:

Churchstanton Parish lies in a small valley in the beautiful Blackdown Hills region near the headwaters of the Otter River about twenty-two miles, as the crow flies, northwest of Chideock, Dorset. Churchingford is the largest town in Churchstanton Parish which lies along the Devonshire-Somerset border.

Around the middle of the 17th century two boys were born to a couple with the rather unusual and unmanageable surname of Buttolph at Herring. The eldest, Charles Buttolph at Herring, married a local girl, Melior or Melia Culverwell at St. Peter and Paul Church in Churchstanton on 11 February, 1677. Charles and Melia had at least six children, all of whom were baptized with the name Buttolph at Herring with some variation in spelling depending on the literacy of the person providing the information and the person who recorded it.

About the year 1700, a strange thing happened; the name Buttolph at Herring disappeared completely from the Churchstanton records. The last person to be baptized with the name was Charles and Melia’s youngest child, who was entered in the Churchstanton baptism register as Nathaniel Botolph at Herring on 5 March, 1692. Nathaniel died just over a year later on 29 April, 1693. In the Churchstanton burial record his name is shown as “Nathaniel Botolph, son of Charles”.

Prior to 1703 there is absolutely no mention of anyone with the family name “Buttle” in any of the Churchstanton Parish records. The first ever mention of a Buttle was the burial of Mary Buttle on 23 January, 1703. Mary’s age is not given in the burial record and there are no comments to help figure out who she was. On 8 January, 1705, a Judith Buttle married Phillip Manning. She was almost certainly Charles and Melia’s daughter who would have been almost twenty-four years old. On 2 December, 1705, Hannah Buttle baptized her illegitimate son, Jacob Buttle. Charles and Melia’s daughter, Hannah, would have been not quite twenty-one years old.

The pattern continues on for the generation that reached maturity around 1700. The name Buttolph at Herring never again appears in the Churchstanton Parish records (or anywhere else that I have been able to find), but the number of Buttle’s in the parish continued to multiply geometrically.

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