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Male 1846 - 1931  (84 years)


3-7. The Arthurís of Capel - Ancestors and Descendants of Arthur Cheeseman

On 30 May, 1815, John Arthur, my great-great-great-great grandfather, married Mary Worsfold in St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Capel, Surrey. John was born about 1791 somewhere in the County of Surrey, possibly in the village of Betchworth which is located five or six miles north of Capel and a mile or two east of the town of Dorking. His bride, Mary Worsfold, was probably the daughter of Thomas
Worsfold and Mary Bristow, who was baptized in Capel on 15 May, 1791. After their marriage, John and Mary Arthur lived at Broomellís, a farm located about three quarters of a mile northeast of the Capel village center. John was no doubt employed as a farm laborer by the owner or tenant of Broomellís Farm. On 17 September, 1815, less than
four months after their wedding ceremony, John and Mary Arthur baptized their first child, Rebecca Arthur, in Capel. John and Mary had at least three other children, all of them girls. Mary died in mid-June, 1826, and was buried at Capel on 25 June, 1826. She was only thirty-five years old.

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