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Dear Family,

     As many of you know, I

have been actively researching our family history since January,

2002. Some of the things I have discovered about some of our ancestors

was a total surprise to me, and I'm quite sure it will be a surprise to

most of you, too. I have spent many long hours over the last several

years on developing a narrative about what I have discovered about our

ancestors with the results documented in a book that I self-published

and mailed to many of you over the last few years. As I discover more

and more living relatives, the cost of printing and mailing, not to

mention the time consumed, has increased dramatically.


This web site will hopefully allow me to update the information and

make it available to you and others that are interested in the many

family lines that are presented here.   Just click on one of the links

below the trees to the left to view the chapters and charts in "Our

Family Tree".


This site is and always will be a work in progress.   I frequently

discover new information or corrections and additions to existing

information about Our Family Tree.   Not infrequently I establish

contact with "new" cousins, and almost always learn new information from

them.   If you are related to me through any of the family lines

described on this site, or think you might be, I encourage you to

write to me using the contact the link.